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their leaders. katherine harris is in washington with more on this. katherine? >> harris, the new allegations of spying are based on interviewer american journalist glenn greenwald gave to a tv show speaking in portuguese. the reporter of the nsa leaked documents in june explained the new evidence. >> translator: these documents show very clearly that they had already done the spying, because they don't talk about something they intended to plan. they are actually celebrating
the, the court itself, this is a secret court that meets in washington, d.c., the court said that it had no way of knowing whether the nsa was complying, and the nsa lad lost the court's confidence. those are pretty startling revelations. >> so the other part of that was the motion that only 10% actually fell
, one of their own. in washington, mike emmanuel, fox news.
at the washington navy yard. you can see it there on your graphic not far from capitol hill. it's a massive complex that houses several agencies connected to the agency -- to the navy. excuse me. there are reports right now that as many as four people have been killed, as many as ten people have been wounded. those wounded were taken to the washington hospital center. the associated press reporting a short while ago that the shooter is dead. "the washington post" is reporting on the website that there may be as many as three shooters including one in military fatigues, and that brings us to where we are right now as this standoff is now beginning to enter its fourth hour. joining me by noen is mark willis. he is with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. mr. willis, are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> as you watch these scenes on your television set, you have been there before. we are reporting right now that the boston marathon unit, the boston marathon bombing unit from the atf is now headed to washington. can you confirm that? >> actually, that unit is based out of washington, d.c., so they
for president george washington. it's a beautiful $100 million facility for research and preservation. we are live at mount vernon for the grand opening. they hope congress will use it to cool down when things get too hot. there is no time like the present. the speaker of the house is feeling the pressure. 24 hours to go. it looked like the shut down was not going to happen. now things are breaking down as only capitol hill can do. searching if are a solution on syria for the un action be on the horizon to deal with president assad. the security koubl is mocounsel in. it's friday, september 27th. this is "the daily rundown" live from the fred w smith library for the study of george washington. essentially the george washington library. the library 216 years in the making. we are going to spend a lot of the coming hours dpifing a behind-the-scenes look of what's here. we have a lot of work going on across the potomac. let's get to the first read of the morning. it's privately funded, not part of the national archive system. why is that approximate rnt? if the government shuts down, this li
of generals washington and rochambeau to march here from new york." wahh! uhh! c'est tout! sarah: "thanks to a negro spy "whose name i dare not write down, "cornwallis suspects nothing of general washington's trap "and plans to remain in yorktown. your brother cato is here. our spy saw him." [gasps] "he is a soldier, fighting with the british "to earn his freedom. "moses, i fear a terrible battle, "but i also dare hope that, "if the french fleet arrives here in time, "it will be the final victorious battle of this, our long war for freedom." capitaine: admirale de grasse! speak! the hurricane is still heading due north and gaining speed. take in the sails, capitaine, and baton down the hatches. yes, sir. the americans are lucky that this storm is forcing us toward virginia. they'd best hope it doesn't change its course and force us to change ours. [men talking indistinctly] uhh! faster, men. plus vite! we must hurry to join washington in new york! general rochambeau, do you truly think it's possible for our army and washington's and de grasse's fleet to reach virginia before cornwallis le
!," written by the chief national correspondent for "the magazine,imes" joining us from washington. >> thanks, tavis. i am in a protected room. i think this is the only safe place i can be without being run out of town. i am glad to be here. tavis: you famously considered naming this book "suck up city." why the change? -- thoughtcaught it it was a little the grass. i have got young kids. it is a good title. you sort of know where you stand with it. it gets to the culture of this town, but people come here and get sucked up in all of the excitement and the vanity and the money and all of the stuff that washington really provides for people now, and, frankly, this is a dramatically changed city, and that is one of the things i really wanted to chronicle in this five-year period that i cover in the book. tavis: jumping to the book specifically, market, i am wondering if the rules of forgement that you lay out how washington works, does that get set aside to mark does that get tabled at a moment of serious dilemma and drama, like this, where we are considering or if not war, militarily engaging
throughout the day. the first is that mass shooting at washington, d.c. at the navy yard. these are the numbers we have received so far and we continue to point out this is a very fluid situation so these numbers may change throughout the day. they may get higher, they may get lower, if we are lucky. six people now confirmed dead, this according to official sources in washington. the number of wound he though, remained -- wounded though remains unclear. somewhere between 10 and 12 are the numbers that we are receiving. the washington hospital center med star has been told to expect numerous shooting victims to their fasts. that being the shooting on the ground in washington. we're also following news out of the white house. the president addressing the nation just moments ago on the economic collapse that occurred five years ago saying that things are better, saying at a some seven and a half million new jobs have been created since the economy went into a free fall on that day on this day five years ago. our david shuster has been monitoring this situation involving the
>>> thz al jazeera. i'm del walters. a gunman opened fire inside the washington, d.c. navy yards killing and injuring multiple victims and forcing parts of nation's capel toll to go into lockdown mode. >>> part of the collapse that landed the u.s. into a recession, president obama will address the state of the economy from the rose garden. >>> hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands are yet to be accounted for. >>> u.n. inspectors say there's convincing evidence chemical weapons were used in an attack in syria. >>> we continue to follow breaking news coming out of the nation's capital, washington, d.c. police are saying at least one gunman have been contained in the building on the grounds of the washington navy yard in southeast washington. as many as three shooters including one in military fatigues is on the scene, according to a report by "the washington post." shortly after 8:20 this morning, there were shorts fired inside the command headquarters building on the grounds of the washington navy yard you see there on the banks of the river. there are conflicting re
later and encouraged george washington. they were very close like father and son. washington didn't have any children that he basically got to lafayette, and lafayette bought plantations in south america, great plantations in south america and trained the slave how to farm for themselves and liberated them and washington was going along with all of this but washington was exhausted from his 20 odd years of campaigning first in the french and indian war and then in the american revolution. he couldn't do it. but eventually when lafayette was in prison during the french revolution, his son was sent to george washington. take care of my son while all hell is breaking loose in europe. so there were wonderful relationships among a lot of these people. i have to say i was late in appreciating the momentous contributions of george washington. there were a lot of authors. but george washington was -- we think of what he did in conducting the war. he was smart enough to of course the big mistake going directly against the british. he learned that when he was in the french and indian war. t
years. three shots to the heart. one year on the force. washington? mm-hmm. he just graduated fromhe academy. worked in the 27th district. raised in a north carolina orphanage, a stint in the military before entering the police academy. washington was responding to a domestic call. he never made it there. a few hours later, they found his body near the shanning tracks. vera: blood spatter matching washington's blood type was found in a stolen vehicle left on a turnpike two days later. it was mostly a dead end. we lifted a fingerprint off the car windshield. no hits. maybe we run the print again. i'd like to work with you on this one, lilly. i knew joe washington. you knew his partner? of him. butch rinaldi. rush: why wasn't he with washington that night? rinaldi: i let him go out alone. shouldn't have done that. must have pulled over a motorist that ran a traffic light or something. joe got three bullets for his trouble. i was standing right here when i first seen diane that night-- joe's wife. ( sirens wailing ) ♪ said he's goin' back to find ♪ butchy! ♪ ooh, a simpler place a
at yorktown. and then he went back to france later and he encouraged george washington. they were very close, like father and son. george washington didn't have any children, that he basically was in lafayette. lafayette brought plantations in south america, slave plantations in south america. mafia trained for slaves are to farm for themselves and he liberated them anyone along with all this. but washington was exhausted from the 20 odd years of campaigning first in the french and indian wars and then the american revolution. he couldn't do it. eventually when lafayette was imprisoned during the french revolution, his son was sent to george washington, take care of my son while all was breaking loose in europe. so they're wonderful relationships among a lot of these people. i have to say i was late in appreciating the momentous contributions of george washington. there's a lot of authors. george washington, you know, we think of what he did in conduct in the wars. he was very good with deception, for example, fooling the british. he was smart enough of course avoid the big mistakes, going d
on booktv john mol leer recounts the final 18 years spent here in washington, d.c., he was instrumental in the development of howard university. took part in local politics. it's just over fifty minutes. >>> thank you for being here. i see a lot of friends, family, colleagues. the staff was influential in putting the book together. i'm a little nervous. i'll say thank you very much for being here. frederick douglass in d.c. we know the statute moved to emancipation hall. we don't get much past the talking points. we don't scratch the surface who he was. as a grandfather, as a mentor, as a newspaperman, as a "washingtonian." try to get to that element e of his life in this book. as he talked about, kind of a rev translation made me put the book together. i'll share -- this is frederick douglass national historic site. it's a rough and tumble corner. i used work at the united planning organization at 1649. basically was a poverty worker. i essentially worked in social services. i would take the met throw and walk down mlk and w. street and make a left on 16th street. early in the morning
's capitol right now, where one person has been injured in a shooting at the washington navy yard. a navy spokesman confirms the shooting has happened in a building of the washington navy yard in southeast washington. right now police are searching for an active shooter inside a military building. three shots were fired but no information yet on how many people may have been injured. you are looking at a picture right now from the navy yard. you and see there is an active search looking for the gunman. at the love security there and fire apparatus, the building is holding 3,000 employees and we understand all are being told to shelter in police. washington navy yard is the home of the sea systems command, the largest commands in the navy. some of the brass, the admirals, actually, live on this base so it is a very important base in the scheme of things. you sought military personnel armed moving around as well as local police searching if the gunman. last check we heard three people have been injured but they are trying to tally up the information and get that out. the numbers we have are
was the high-ranking official that told "the washington post" that summers was his choice. it might have been the president. they executed poorly for something the president wanted instead of taking a different route. john tester doomed the whole thing at the end. there was no reason if this was the choice they could have gone about it differently, and at least made me wonder whether we are going to have failure to execute when it comes to the debt ceiling failure. >> kelly evans is here. >> good morning. >> some say it is a victory for the right. others say a progressive victory at the president's expense. >> this was an issue where the democrats were among those most opposed to summers. we had a lot of the congressmen that signed that letter against him in the first place. we had a lot of economists that would be surprised about the president coming back against this. this depends on yellen being the pick. it is far that that is going to happen. for all parties involved. because the president, for whatever reason, may simply want somebody else. the wall street journal reported this isn't ju
of the washington press: politics, prejudice, and persistence" which is the winner of the frank luther capital out of research award in 2012, she is a professor of journalism at the university of maryland and author of the low roosevelt:transforming the first lady and first ladies and the press:the unfinished parter cit in the media age. maureen beasley is co-author of taking their place, documentary history of women in journalism and co-editor of eleanor roosevelt encyclopedia. it is my pleasure to introduce maureen beasley. [applause] >> thank you so much. it is great to be back at hyde park. this is a tremendous research facility. i would like to express my appreciation to the roosevelt library museum for inviting me to be here today and to c-span for presenting this program. you may wonder how my book fits into this program. part of my research was done here at the roosevelt library. i have to introduce my husband and the audience, hank beasley. eleanor roosevelt is one of the dominating figures in the first portion of the book, women of the washington press, politics, prejudice, all of these
. good morning but. i to you. i'm carol costello. shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c. one report says a male gunman has a large shotgun an the fourth floor of this navy complex. barbara starr joins us now. barbara, tell us more. >> carol i just got off the phone with a u.s. navy official who says their reports are now that several shots were fired, several people inside the building have been injured. at this point it doesn't look like they've been able to evacuate any of the injured out of the building. he tells me that they are getting actually phone reports at the u.s. navy from people trapped inside while this situation goes on. they say security forces at this hour are entering the building to try to get to this person. let me just explain to people the location that we're talking about. in washington, along the potomac river in the southwest section of the city of the nation's capital, there is the washington navy yard, a very old, historic place, but a highly secure facility. this is a building called the naval sea systems command, several hundred people work inside
evacuated to washington hospital and other medical facilities about two or three miles directly north of here. the city now ripple effect on pins and needles across the city here as well as a number of military buildings, obviously there are many here in washington have heightened security today. we heard from the president, delaying his appearance, he appeared to talk about the economy, a long scheduled or at least it was scheduled just over the weekend, to talk about the five year anniversary about the economic collapse, the preposition as it were ahead of some bruising battles with house republicans in particular that he did speak. >> bruce: aat the top of that event, did get briefed several times. he phrase -- phrased it this way, several people were targeted, used that phrase, military personnel, individuals who served at the navy yard and other military facilities around washington. they know the dangers abroad, lard to be prepared for something like this here in the nation capital the president saying he wanted a seamless investigation. we are awaiting further word here del.
george washington, thomas jefferson, james madison, george mason, john marshall and patrick henry? we ain't going to find it. now, at some theoretical level they are there. that is, human beings with the capacity for leadership are there, but the situation doesn't permit that group to rise to the surface. and so the question is, why did the situation exist in 1776? now, there is the point be an answer to this, after arnold toynbee, which is that great leadership only emerges during times of great crisis. and this makes eminent sense. the pressures of the crisis creates. and yet we can all think of examples where there's a great crisis and there's no leadership. like now. [laughter] [applause] or the coming of world war i in europe. so what was special come you can't say there was something special in the water back there then. you can't say god looked down upon the american colonies and blessed them. supernatural explanations are not admitted. even if you're an evangelical you're not allowed to use those in a historical conversation. i don't know whether i have a good answer to this, but
for staying with us this hour. today's mass shooting at the navy yard facility in southwest washington, d.c., makes today the deadliest day in our nation's capitol in more than 30 years. january 1982 was when a 737 that had taken off from national airport, what we now call reagan airport, crashed into the 14th street bridge in washington and then into the icy potomac river. 78 people were killed in that crash that day, including 4 people who had been on the bring or on the ground and were hit by the crashing plane. incredibly, that same day in washington, d.c., back in 1982, the same day as the plane crash, also saw a fatal derailment of a subway in the city. three people were killed when the metro derailed in a downtown tunnel. those accidents both happened on one day in washington. but that terrible day in washington was 31 years ago. four years ago in washington, there was another metro train crash which killed nine people. but today was the worst day in washington, d.c., in a generation. reporting on the story of what happened today in this mass shooting at the navy yard meant tallyin
not located. >> a shooting rampage at the washington, d.c. navy yard, several people killed including one gunman. but we can tell you this threat is not over. a community still on edge this hour with authorities still searching for those two additional gunmen. good morning, everything, thank you very much for joining us, i'm john kelly. >> the tragic numbers are changing by the hour, but here's the latest, 17 people dead, another five wounded in the rampage. this all happened about 3 1/2 miles from the white house at this navy yard. we turn to danielle lee with the latest. >> reporter: we now know the shooter is dead and police are looking for two additional shooters that could be in the area. meanwhile the area where i am remains on lockdown. as you can see behind me, on alert and on edge. >> authors say a gunman possibly armed with a military style assault rifle walked into a building at the washington navy yard where 3,000 people work and started shooting. police say multiple people have been killed and even more are injured. >> he was shot in the head and did not look like he made it,
>> production assistance for "inside washington" was by albritton communications and "politico," reporting on the legislative, executive, and political arena. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i have no interest and an open-ended conflict in syria, but we have to make sure that one countries break norms on chemical weapons like ones that could threaten us, they are held accountable. >> this week on "inside washington," will the president go it alone on syria? make theclear to british parliament does not want to see military action. i get that and the government will act accordingly. >> the march on washington, 50 years later. >> rededicated myself. tracks the fight on minimum wage. >> we have to sacrifice, making sure our kids eat. nfl and former players reach a settlement over brain injuries. >> they knew about it, and he did not tell us. that is like flat out lying to you. ♪ -- the to do about syria british parliament told the prime minister to say out of it. retired marine anthony zinni says you cannot allow yourself to get pregnant. post
> the house, the senate and white house locked in a tug of war. hows and why on "washington week." are 230 and nays 189. strip house votes to healthcare funding from the budget. >> the american people don't shut down vernment and don't want obama care. >> but the fight is just beginning. the senate. >> i will do everything and anything possible to defund obama care. >> it would be good political theatre to watch them what estruct and that is they are doing if there were not so much at stake. >> veto threats. insults. ideological battles all coming 10 days and second showdown over raising the debt limit comes next. actually willing to if ge america into default we can't defund the affordable care act. derailed se could be in this train wreck. e explain with molly ball of the atlantic. christi parsons of tribune newspaper. of the "wall street journal" and jeff zeleny of abc news. >> award winning reporting and it ysis covering history as happens live from our nation's capital. "washington week" with gwen ifill. corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by we asked people
room." thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. jake tapper is on the scene. he picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks, wolf. h hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. krm jake tapper. i'm standing right outside the washington naval yard where this morning there was a shooting. this is what we know so far. shortly before 8:15 in the morning, the metropolitan police department here in washington, d.c. was called and notified there had been a shooting in building 197. that is the headquarters of the navy sea systems command. the washington naval yard employs about 3,000 people. most of them civilians. the police reported to the scene as well as the u.s. marshals, the u.s. park police, ultimately, the fbi. this is what we know in terms of the fatalities and those involved in the shooting. we know that there is definitively one shooter who was killed on the scene. the police chief, cathy linear, also said they're looking into the possibility of two other shooters. one, a white man with a handgun, the other an african-american man, abou
>>> this week on "moyers and company" -- 50 years after the historic march on washington, we go back to the scene with john lewis, who spoke that day half a century ago. where you're standing now, looking out there, that's all the crowd. >> it was good to be in the presence of lincoln. and i feel honored to have an opportunity to come here almost 50 years later. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- carnegie corporation of new york, celebrating 100 years of philanthropy, and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. the kohlberg foundation. independent production fund, with support from the partridge foundation, a john and polly guth charitable fund. the clements foundation. park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. the herb alpert foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. the bernard and audre rapoport foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. more information at
and the fact that there are apparently two shooters still on the loose in washington, d.c., or surrounding area, at some point, and given the fact that there were americans killed mere miles from the president's doorstep today, john. >> well, look, the business of the white house and the pentagon and the state department and all the agencies of government does not stop because you have a situation like this unfolding in washington. as horrible as it is. and he spoke about it for the same reason that we just carried it on our air, which is that talking about the economy is vitally important to him, as is vitally important to our network and i think the -- as far as the additional shooters go, that is still a little speculative. what we heard from kathy linnear, the washington, d.c., police chief was potentially, so i'm not sure that is hard information, but in any case, the work of the government doesn't stop because terrible things because they happen all the time. >> this was intended, john, to be, what, a victory speech? the president did note all that has been done by his administration sinc
in washington, d.c. the shooting happened in building 197. the building is just a couple of miles from the u.s. capitol. dozens of police surrounded the complex at the time of the shooting. employees were told to stay there only to be escorted out by police a few hours later. >> i was on the phone, and somebody came to my desk, and said somebody has been shot in the building. so we were trying to get people out of the building. and as we were exiting the back door, we saw him, and he aimed his gun at us, and fired two or three shots. >> i was just doing my work about 20 after 8:00, and i heard a woman screaming there is a shooter get out of the building, and almost at the same time i heard multiple gunshots, and once we heard that, we went straight for an office, and then we went by a -- the two -- there was actually two women and myself, and they went behind the desk, and then we were there for a little bit, and then i didn't hear anything, so i said i'm not staying here, and then i took off and ran across the building, and i heard multiple shots going off, and kept going. >> al jazeera, he
congreso. standup: fernando pizarro, washington d.c. aunque parezca obvio decirlo, mientras mas dure 1 potencial cierre del gobierno federal mas perjuicios tendria para la economia del pais. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. ... el responsable de la matanza a tiros en el cuartel naval de washington habia mentido sobre un arresto previo y mantuvo en silencio que tenia deudas por miles de dolares cuando solicito autorizacion de seguridad en la armada... los investigadore s federales de entonces no repararon en las omisiones e incurrieron en otra: suprimieron toda referencia de que aaron alexis habia utilizado un arma de fuego en aquel arresto... las lagunas de informacion en el expediente de alexis le permitieron a fin de cuentas trabajar en esa instalacion de seguridad, donde mato a tiros la semana pasada a 12 trabajadores... y hay nuevos detalles en la muerte de un joven latino en prince william autoridades arrestaron a seis personas sospechosas del asesinato de kenny diaz... el 21 de septiembre, el cuerpo de diaz fue hallado en un parque..el joven habria sido acuchillado
lucky to be alive, another guy next to me got shot. i didn't. >> gunfire in the washington navy yard. at least 12 people are dead. ♪ >> the nation is reeling after yet another mass shooting. investigators say a gunman walked into building 197 at the navy yard in washington, d.c. and opened fire. at least 12 people were killed. the man who was in the building when a gunman opened fire describes what happened. >> as we were exiting the back door, we noticed him down the hall, he heard shots, and then he aimed his gun at us and fired two or three shots. >> it was a day filled with harrowing sening. hours after the shooting took place, dozens of employees walked out of the facility with their hands above their heads. just after they left a s.w.a.t. team moved in. here is what we know so far, d.c. police say at least 12 people were killed, what if that number is expected to grow. officials say at least four people including a d.c. police officer was wounded three of them critically, and one gunman was killed. investigators were still searching for another possible gunman. tonight's [ te
photos emerge of man suspected of carrying out rampage at washington, dc, navy yard and we hear from his family. >> breaking news: a large fire ripped through two oakland buildings and firefighters are still on the scene. we have a report on what is going on now. >> new this morning, incoming uc president has new digs: the bay area city she is about to call home and how much her rent will add up to for the system. >> thanks for joining us. >> did you notice, no wiper action needed this morning? >> but it is breezy and cooler. leyla gulen is here for mike. >> it is quite windy. live doppler 7 hd shows no runs. no moisture in the air. we will see moisture later on this weekend into the weekend. in san jose this is 101 away from 880 with clear conditions and the sky shows coastal clouds overnight but it will clear this afternoon and we are seeing the clouds dissipating over san francisco. cooler today and warmer tomorrow through thursday with fall on sunday. from mount tamalpais, because of winds it is bobbing up-and-down. our first forecast inland we will top out at 80 degrees around the b
we have called to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. now it's especially nice to give our hero awards and not only do we have a number of wonderful recipients here but some great qualified nominees and a number of our honor reese from prior years. after the meeting we will have an at some point to have a special reception downstairs where we'll also -- down the hall. 201, where we'll take some time to celebrate this wonderful occasion. i would like to call the meeting to order and ask the commission secretary to please read the roll. >> michael sweet, davis, kel her, not present at the moment, i -- lee, todd davis not present. you have a quorum. >> thank you, madam secretary. the first item on the agenda is public comment that will enable to you speak on miss the issues. if you wish to address this commission, i would encourage you to fill out a speaker card. there will be time later in the meeting to speak on the awards that are being given and the honor reese. this is to only speak on any item, not o
as washington and the nation mourn another horrific scene. the shooter, aaron alexis is among the dead. why did he do it? how did he get into a secure military facility? >>> plus, torrential rainsnd devastating floods continue to wreak havoc in colorado and new mexico. "early today" starts right now. >>> very good morning to you. i'm richard lui. we'll show you live pictures of the capitol and the white house this morning where flags are flying half-staff. it's been almost 4 hours since the mass shooting in washington, d.c. and we're still getting new details on the tragedy. now 7:00 a.m. local time. it was in washington's navy yard just a little more than a mile from capitol hill which we just showed you at least 12 are dead and eight others injured. officials late monday revealing the alleged shooter had legitimate access to the navy yard. a shelter in place now lifted in the surrounding neighborhood. >> we feel comfortable right now we've exhausted all means to eliminate that possible last suspect, so we do now feel comfortable that we have the single and sole person responsible for the loss
. and in a "washington post" op-ed rouhani said that they need to seek win-win outcomes rather than force to combat terrorism. >>> the environmental protection agency is imposing carbon limits that would affect coal power plans. coal plants would have to add expensive new technology to meet the standard. they're expected to challenge the regulations in court. if you would like the latest on any of our stories go to we've got another full rundown of the day's news coming up at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. inside story is next here on al jazeera. >> the federal reserve plays an important roll in america's economic recovery in this week says we're not better yet. you're watching "inside story" from washington. >> hello, good to have you with us. for the economy to recover as it has struggled to do so since the wall street collapse five years ago this week there has to be confidence small businesses need to be assured they can actually afford to hire. consumers need confidence to spend their money, and investors need to feel that their bets will pay off. the federal reserve expressed litt
complex in washington, d.c. people work and living in the area are told to stay indoors. >> and we hear pop pop pop pop pop and i said oh that doesn't sound good, somebody's shooting, it stopped for three seconds and after that it was pop pop pop pop pop. >> in london with the latest from europe including so far, so good. engineers happy with their progress as they slowly lift the costa concordia from its rocky resting place. >>> war crime aimed and counter vengs of international law. that's how secretary o seark gen ki-moon has characterized, chemical weapons were used on a relative large scale, also said serin gas was used. james, we have this report and we've heard from the u.n. secretary general. tell us more what is in the report and what ban ki-moon has to say. >> it's a very testify words from ban ki-moon today talking about this report, a very detailed report into what happened on the 21st of august. saying that serin was used but it was delivered by surface to surface rockets that landed in the algutha area. what ban ki-moon said was a war crime. >> the mission has provided the
, everyone. i'm erin burnett. out front tornado. a deadly shooting rampage in washington, d.c. at this moment we are learning more about the gunman. and police have not ruled out the possibility of a second shooter at large tonight. here is what we know at this instant. 12 people were massacred today. one of the suspected shooters also dead. about a dozen others are wounded. we have a special report on what we know so far. the gunman is 34 year old aaron alexis, a navy contractor who was once in the military. he opened fire at the washington navy yard this morning, sending the city in chaos. we're learning more about him including that he was arrested in seattle for an anger-fueled shooting when he was in the military. then, when he was discharged, he was allowed to come back as a contractor. we're going to be speaking to people who knew him well and his religion affiliation as a buddhist. it happened less than three miles from the white house where the flags have been lowered to half staff in honor of those killed. only one weapon has been received from the scene at this time. it was describ
. >>> good evening i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. it's been a day of violence here in washington. a dozen people shot dead earlier today not far from the u.s. capitol. the gunman aaron alexis had served in the naval reserve. it took place at the naval facility a mile and a half away from the capitol. he used several weapons including a semiautomatic rifle. people were shot dead in minutes. pow pow pow a witness described the gunfire. one bullet after another. it was less than two weeks ago were removed from office in a recall for backing gun safety measures. after aurora and sandy hook and the rest, another shooting. will this change what happens in the country regarding possession of firearms? will it? let's find out what we can about why and how the horror happened today. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. this is another story close to where we work. >> it all began at about 8:30 this morning. the suspect aaron alexis, 34, was carrying a shotgun he had when working at the navy yard as a contractor. he had been a naval reservist. he had
. it was just crazy. >> 1 people dead after a mass shooting at the washington navy yard. we are breaking down exactly what happened, who the gunman was, and new information this morning about the victims. good morning. welcome to the special edition of "seller start." i'm zoraida sambolin in new york. >> and i'm john berman live at the washington navy yard. it is tuesday, september 17th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. >>> this morning, here the streets behind me are empty but you can say they are absolutely filled with questions. why did this man walk into that building just a few blocks behind me and open fire? was it anger? was it frustration? we are just not sure this morning. what we are sure about, 12 innocent people are dead. so is the gunman. we are also sure about this. here, less than 24 hours ago, began a day of absolute terror for the people of washington. >> reporter: chaos and fear in the nation's capital, after a gunman opened fire at the heavily secured navy yard on monday morning. less than two miles from the white house and three miles from the capital. >> multiple people down.
you, can you -- washington-proof a portfolio? [ buzzer ] is it possible to ensure yourself against the insanity of our elected leaders jo to be immune of the inside the beltway wars? and how much of a weakness we've seen, including today? it's breakdown day. dropped. nasdaq, replaced at the feet of the bears in the white house in the gavel. first, let's establish what's happening. we know the fed lowered the boom on the short sellers telling them to be careful because bernanke is still a lover of bonds. if you were selling bonds. short. expect them to go lower. many work. you have the mean whama jama upside the head. a technical term. there's one problem. this market thinks see xentially and obsesses about the next big, bad event right after the one has been solved. so we obsessed about the fed. it occurred. like it never happened. even though it was a positive. why? because we've been obsessed about the next series. the budget wrangling. obsessed about the debt ceiling, affordable care act. what's secrets they come up for us down there in the capitol. i remember when asked if i we
detente between the u.s. and iran? washington is playing down the chances of a handshake between barack obama and his new counterpart. has tehran turned over a new leaf? will syria into the uranian nuclear standoff -- the nuclear standoff? the hour begins in the newsroom. >> these are the headlines. failing to ci two i, russia disagrees with france that a u.n. report fails to prove syria used chemical weapons last month. a gunman who killed 12 people in washington navy yard on monday as identified as a navy contractor. stage one complete, after a 19 hour operation, the wreck of the costa concordia is turned up right. first, a day after a u.n. report confirmed that chemical weapons were used in damascus last month, a visit by french foreign minister to moscow has highlighted sharp divisions over who used them. rents, which pushed -- which pushed for military action, france said it was the syrian regime and wants russian support for a stronger yuan resolution. moscow says it is likely the rebels are to blame. >> despite the smiles for his russian opposite number, on tuesday he failed to m
the breaking news. this is "the situation room" special report, mass shooting at the washington navy yard which is right behind me. chaos and carnage in the nation's capital. 13 people are confirmed dead this hour, one of them a shooter who sprayed gunfire inside a u.s. navy facility. police have now identified the gunman. but they say they don't have a motive, at least not yet, and there is still an urgent hunt under way for another possible, possible suspect. you'll hear this hour incredible stories from survivors as they tell of the horror they faced during the bloody rampage this morning. i'm wolf blitzer here in washington. you're in "the situation room." >>> shock, fear and grief today right here in the nation's capital. at least, at least 13 people are dead after a mass shooting at the washington navy yard, including a gunman who opened fire this morning inside building 197. that's the naval sea systems command headquarters. as s.w.a.t. teams rushed in, wounded were evacuated by helicopter. the dead suspect has now been identified as a military contractor from texas, but authorities say
very lucky to be alive, another guy next to me got shot, i didn't. >> mass shooting in washington. 12 victims are dead, more wounded. tonight reactions from those who saw it, and the clues investigators have that may have triggered it. plus what the fbi knows by aaron alexis. >>> plus the report is in, chemical weapons were used in syria, and the un is not pointing the finger of blame. ♪ >>> disbelief and horror in washington and across "the nation" after a gunman hopes fire on a u.s. naval station. victims are still being identified. 12 are dead, at least a dozen more are injured. initially two people were thought to be helping the gunman. now authorities are reassessing its investigation. the gunman was a navy contractor, aaron alexis, 34 years old, who worked in fort worth, texas. the shooting took place in the navy yard less than two miles from the white house. let's bring in mike viqueira with more. mike? >> john in the heart of the nation's capitol, almost unthinkable what has transfired almost 12 hours ago. the police are informing us that they are going to reopen m street in
at the washington navy yard. police responding to shots fired. a spokeswoman for the fbi says there is at least one victim. that was reported 6 minutes before the hour. the u.s. navy reporting on twitter they are looking for a gunman. on the navy yard web site it talks about the navy's oldest shore establishment home to the chief of naval operations and headquarters for the naval historical its wikipedia page also talks about a former shipyard and ordnance plant. it has been confirmed on that fact for this structure. martha: we are looking at this facility at the washington navy yard. we can report to you the active shooter was inside building 197 on the washington navy yard. it happened at 8:20 this morning. 47 minutes ago. one confirmed injury. emergency personnel are on scene and there is a shelter in place order issued. this is breaking news situation as we continue to watch this wjla bringing in these pictures to us. bill: monday morning 8:00 a.m. you wonder how many people would have been there. that is unclear at the moment. but when peter gets up here we might be able to update you on that.
, less than two miles from the u.s. capitol building in central washington, d.c., how alexis managed to bring weapons on to a base where they are forbidden is not known. also tonight, what is not known, there is still an ongoing search for a man police want to talk to. he is described as a black man, said to be in his 40s, wearing a military style uniform. we do not know what connection, if any, he has. said one witness earlier today, he, meaning the gunman, did not say a word when he opened fire. back to washington, d.c. we go in a moment here for complete fox coverage with jennifer griffin. greta van susteren, mike emanuel, our full team is out tonight. we will get to all of them over the next 60 minutes. with me now mark fallon member of the naval criminal investigative service the ncis for 27 years. sir, good evening to you. >> good evening. >> how you know this naval yard, correct? >> i have been assigned there and spent a number of years there. >> it's been told to us throughout the day this is a place of intense security. was that your experience when you worked there? >> yes.
? tonight on "washington week" -- >> this is not something we've fabricated or or using as an excuse for military action. i would elect to end wars, not start a war. gwen: making the case for intervention abroad to the american people at home. >> president obama is not asking america to go to war. gwen: but a fight has broken out on capitol hill. >> only the united states has the capability and the capacity to stop assad and to warn others around the world that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated. >> i can't imagine anything that i've heard that would persuade me that the conduct of this insane maniac in syria is doing anything to place my country in danger or to violate or national security. gwen: as the president prepares for a national address, he also faces basic political questions. >> my credibility is not only the line. the internal community's credibility is on the line. america and congress's credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international enormous are important. gwen: but can congress or the public be persuaded? c
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